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Lokesh to be promoted as TDP National working president


TDP National Secretary Nara Lokesh might get promoted to the TDP National Working President soon by his father TDP Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

With many meetings and projects along with the new capital things, Nara Chandrababu Naidu was unable to strike balance among all his duties. Day by day, the duties and works are escalating despite less time. For this reason, he is keen on making his Son Nara Lokesh as Party’s Working president. He might announce it officially in the upcoming Mahanadu meeting of Party. This is a wise move by the experienced Politician CBN as he can leave party duties on concentrate on the A.P State and Amaravati.

Even though a few leaders inside the party are opposing this rule as Lokesh is too young to become president, Supreme CBN is so confident and stubborn on his idea. He backs up his idea by stating that after making Lokesh as National Secretary, he has to lead the Youth wind successfully. He added that the new deflectors and old loyal leaders fights were almost solved by Lokesh. The chief also opined that Lokesh is acting as a bridge to young leaders and senior politicians within the party. By this one can easily understand that the official announcement regarding this will be made very soon in the coming days.