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Loyal TDP leader accused CBN of cheating them


As expected, the cabinet reshuffling was completed the other day. TDP Supreme shocked all his party leaders with his style of selecting candidates for ministries

It’s a known fact that almost eleven new MLA’s who are termed as defectors from other parties have got ministries. This has irked the old loyal TDP leaders who are expecting a place in the cabinet. Even though some others are suffering inside, an MLA has openly shared his pain with the media. The Guntur West TDP MLA Modugula Venugopal Reddy got hurt very badly by his CM Chandrababu Naidu. Reddy alleged that the CM has completely cheated him by promising him ministry twice. Reddy who worked as an M.P earlier was forced to compete as an MLA opposite rival Lakshminarayana from Congress. As the Venugopal has won in 2014, he didn’t get the ministry. As the CBN showed empty hand to him in the expansion too, Modugula was deeply hurt for cheating him.

It’s indeed true that most of the ministries were given to the defectors. This is hinting about the shattering of TDP in the future. MLA’s might join the YSRCP for 2019 elections.