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M Sundaram Master dance school all over India!

Which family is known for dance in India? The answer will be Sundaram Master’s family. Even a kid in South India will answer this question as all the members born in this family are choreographers. Starting with Sundaram Master, his sons Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram and Nagendra Prasad proved themselves with their spell bounding dance movements.

Now this legendary family is planning to launch dancing schools with the name M Sundaram Master (MSM). These schools will help small stage dancer to show their talent to the world. They are initially planning to start one school and later expand it to all metropolitan cities.

In a span of another 5 years, this family is aiming to establish 5 dance schools in every metropolitan city. Nagendra Prasad will look after these schools while the other choreographers will assist him in this task. For sure, MSM is going to produce talented dancer and hope it expands soon.