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Mahesh and Venkatesh roles time span in SVSC

The film which is having utmost hype this season is “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu”. Prince Mahesh Babu and Victory Venkatesh are acting in lead roles in this film. Right from the starting of this film, there is heavy debate going on between Venkatesh fans and Mahesh Babu’s fans. Both these groups are saying that their hero has the more time span in the flick.

Previously, a buzz raised in Film Nagar that Venkatesh is the elder brother and hence he occupied more time span in the film compared to Mahesh. Just like Venkatesh’s previous films “Sankranthi” and “Lakshmi”, more focus is expected to be given to Venkatesh’s character rather than his brother. This angle of the debate is strengthening the idea that Venkatesh’s character will have more weight age than Mahesh.

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu is the younger brother and his story may have a love story embedded in it. If it is true, we can expect lengthy romantic episodes between Samantha and Mahesh. In this case Mahesh Babu will have more time span on the screen. Both the versions are looking true and hence analysts were not able to end up with a conclusion. To come to a conclusion, we need to wait till the film releases!