Telugu Politics

Mahesh Reddy shocks his dad by joining YSRCP


Former Minister who is one among a few senior most important loyal leaders of Congress Party Kasu Krishna Reddy’s’ son Mahesh Reddy has taken a shocking decision.

Mahesh Reddy has met the YSRCP supreme Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy today at his Lotus Pond, Hyderabad to discuss joining the party. After the 2014 General Elections, Congress party has lost its charm even in some strong places like Coastal Andhra. After his father’s failure, Mahesh Reddy has decided to leave the congress party knowing that Congress will not have any further future. As he is anti to TDP, his only choice is his favorite leader YSR’s son Y.S Jagan.

So as per the news from inside, Mahesh is almost confirmed YSRCP membership by Jagan. YSRCP is planning a big meeting in Narasaraopet near Guntur on 16th of December. Mahesh will join YSRCP in that meeting officially. It is indeed true that Krishna Reddy has lost his charm in Guntur. So Mahesh’s decision is correct in the view of some political analysts. Even the followers and activists are ready to shift their loyalties to YSRCP from Congress.