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Mamata Mohandas heading for divorce!

Sexy beauty Mamata Mohandas who married her childhood friend Pregith last year is now heading for divorce. It seems that the beautiful relationship between Mamata Mohandas and Pregith is now encountering breakage.

Mamata Mohandas reportedly stated the reason for this act as “Discontented Family Life”. Sources close to this beauty stated that she will start the legal procedure required for divorce in January, 2013. Both Pregith and Mamata are now living separately.

The marriage of Mamata Mohandas and Pregith was grandly held on 11-11-11 and this beauty formally revealed the legal separation on 12-12-12. Looks like these magic dates didn’t work out well for this glam doll. It is known that Mamata suffered from Cancer few years back. Analysts are suspecting this issue to be one of the reasons for the divorce. Stay tuned to know the real reason behind this act.