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Mega Power Star’s producers facing huge trouble!


Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja who achieved success this year with the film “Racha” is now getting ready to rule Tollywood in 2013 with 2 films “Nayak” and “Yevadu”. Both these films are clouded with heavy expectations. Everybody’s eyes are on these 2 flicks.

Taking this huge attention into consideration, few persons are targeting Ram Charan Teja’s upcoming films. Recently 2 video songs were leaked, one from each film. After spending a fortune on the songs, if one leaks them on internet, the film makers will feel utmost discouraged. Sources stated that the film producers spent few Crores on that songs and now they feel like replacing that song in the flick.

After seeing the entire song on the internet, spectators won’t feel thrilled looking at the same song in the theatre. Hence film makers will replace such songs with new ones. “Yevadu” film producer is doing the same. He is roping Charmi into the attack for the new song. “Nayak” film makers are in ambiguity as it would cost them more if they go for replacement. It is an unfortunate situation for Ram Charan’s producers.