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Mission Bhagiratha to decide KCR’s fate in 2019 elections!

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KCR and TRS won the last elections in Telengana and the leader made a statement that he won’t contest in next election if he fails to make Mission Bhagiratha successful. This mission is to provide clean water to all the people in the state. For this, the government has allocated good budget and is moving ahead with all the works. As per the latest reports, KCR is not happy with the progress of this project.

As the 2019 elections were fast approaching and the project is not yet done, few political analysts were questioning KCR on contesting in next elections. Opposition party leaders were anyways firing on the ruling party on various topics and not fulfilling the promises is a major discussion point for them all the time. KCR requested all his team to work with dedication and complete the project on time. We have to see if it works out well or not.