Telugu Politics

Modi backs KCR, irks T-BJP leaders to the core


As the leaders are aggressively attacking the ruling party TRS governance here in Telangana State, PM Modi’s backing up KCR is not going well with many leaders of BJP in T-State.

After the verbal wars the two parties TRS and T-BJP have had all these times post 2014 General Elections, all of a sudden the BJP leaders of Telangana have kept mum regarding TRS ruling. However, to know the reason for this sudden silence, we have to analyze the recent developments.

KCR have always supported Modi after winning Elections. Known for his loose tongue, KCR never attacked Modi despite delaying funds and demonetization. Recently, KCR’s visit to Delhi has bettered the relations between KCR and BJP center. Modi, on the other hand, came to know about KCR’s power in Telangana and started giving importance to KCR. He is even thinking about forming an alliance with TRS in upcoming elections. So Modi told all the T-BJP leaders to stop attacking TRS.

As per the views of some T-BJP leaders, this friendship and support of Modi for KCR is not good for BJP’s future. They claim that BJP is the only option for TRS in upcoming elections. If suddenly, BJP stops questioning TRS about the flaws in the ruling, people will come to a point of disbelief in BJP forever. Anyways, they are following the command of their boss Modi but they are reportedly unhappy.