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Modi for Nation – Subhramanya Swamy for BJP!

narednra modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently mentioned that the corrupted people are finding ways to save themselves while the black money which is turning into white at the banks in the form of penalty and fines will soon be a boon for the poor people. Speaking to the common people, Modi mentioned that they had been waiting in queues for decades in the past for ration goods and several other aspects, but this time it is going to be the last queue they will be standing in.

On the other hand, BJP leader Subhramanya Swamy stated that the route which Modi took is good but it may get huge opposition from the public if not implemented in the right way. He mentioned that the party may not get majority in the next elections if this process turns to be a failure. It is interesting to see a person from the party looking at the nation and another person from the same party taking care of party’s status. While Modi takes care of the nation, Subhramanya Swamy is taking care of the party.