Telugu Politics

Mohan Babu creating new tension to Chandra Babu!


Dialogue King Mohan Babu is a hardcore supporter of NTR. Soon after the demise of NTR, Mohan Babu was not much into politics and he confined himself to movies. Now, Mohan Babu is making some interesting comments on politics supporting Mudragada Padhmanabam’s Kapu reservation movement.

It is known that Chandra Babu Naidu and his team which initially supported Kapu community before the elections saying positive aspects about the reservation, halted the process soon after entering the throne in Andhra Pradesh. Revolting this, Mudragada Padhmanabam is trying to gather Kapu community members to fight against the government for the reservation.

Mohan Babu who met Mudragada in his residence in East Godavari, supported him and mentioned that he is working on the right track. With the support from Mohan Babu, new energy is being seen in Mudragada and the Kapu community leaders. On the other hand, even though Pawan Kalyan is not touching the caste related aspects, few people were mentioning the social media that he is building a powerful political party for Kapu community.