Telugu Politics

Money replaced with coupons – Digitization of politics!

India tops in black money investments – $770 billion!

Political elections means an amazing time for voters. Few of them get great set of electronic gadgets while most of them get lots of money. There are few constituencies in few regions of the Telugu speaking states, where people get almost Rs.20000 from the contestants just as a gift. Ofcourse it is equivalent to Rs.11/day considering the 5 year span the politician will be ruling the region, which again equals to the money earned by a beggar per day. If few people took less than that amount, then it is worse than beggar’s pay scale. But still corrupted people take the money and vote for the politician. We have seen in Puri – Mahesh Babu’s flick “Businessman” where Mahesh will be saying about how much money politicians will be giving to people during elections.

As Modi’s digitization came into picture and the demonetization affect is still showing impact on black money holders, fake politicians are fearing to store currency at home. Few uneducated politicians who got votes in the past and the won the elections, started educating themselves on the corporate style of coupons. As per the talk, few politicians have already converted their money into coupons and are in the plans of distributing it to the people. Coupons don’t have any problem and are equivalent to cash. No one can demolish coupons or there is no concept of demonetization. Works for the politicians. But dear voters, the future of your region will be in the hands of these fake politicians, if you consider yourself as a beggar and take the money or copuons they are luring you for. Your kids future will get spoiled and they will be jobless. Does the money they are offering more than your kids future? Think before you take the money/coupon.