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My MP’s resign for SGS: Claims Y.S Jagan

jagan_Warangal by-poll

The YSRCP supreme Jagan has organized his well planned Yuva Bheri in Guntur as a part of his fight for achieving Special Category Status yesterday.

Addressing the leaders, followers, and Youth at the meeting, he said that all the youth should fight for the Special Category Status as it can change the fate of the state overnight. He claimed that YSRCP is working towards it and he needs the support of youth to achieve it. He asked them not to believe in CM Chandrababu Naidu’s fake numbers in development as there are no facts in his words. Y.S Jagan declared that he will abolish unemployment by bringing Special status if he gets power. He then promised that he and his party’s MP’s are going to resign in upcoming Parliament sessions f center fails to give Status.

Jagan stated that the ruling party government will complete 3 years by June and they did nothing but organizing events wasting public money. He asked all to think twice and vote for the right government in the upcoming general elections of 2019. Seems the leader of Opposition is trying to use the opportunity of Special Category Status fight with Youth of AP.