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Musharaf’s bold statement – China getting booked!

Dawood Ibrahim’s health update from Karachi

Few days back, US President Trump mentioned in the media that they are thinking of stopping the financial aid to Pakistan military. The reason is said to be the poor strategy of the country to work on eliminating terrorism. On this China came to the rescue of Pakistan and mentioned to the USA officials that Pakistan is a good nation and it is trying to fight against terrorism and is not supporting terrorists.

Even before this news went down in the social media, Musharaf, the former leader of Pakistan gave a bold statement that Pakistan won’t help India in arresting underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Musharaf stated that Dawood Ibrahim took revenge on India as several muslims in the nation got killed at various incidents. Dawood Ibrahim is the main person in the serial blasts that happened in India few years back and he is termed as terrorist. Looks like China’s support to Pakistan as a nation not giving shelter to terrorists and fighting against terrorism turned utterly false. We have to see how USA reacts.