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Namitha Vs Sunny Leon

South Indian plumpy beauty Namitha is getting ready to compete with Sunny Leon with respect to glamour. It is well known that Sunny Leon created sensation in Bollywood with her very first flick. Now majority of the South Indian film makers are planning to rope her into the attack.

Seeing this, Namitha is posing in the most glamorous way to the cameras to turn the attention of film makers towards her side. It seems that Namitha feels like throwing an open challenge to Sunny Leon. “In North its Sunny Leon and in South its Namita,” says analysts. The hot glamour of Namitha is raising the levels of heat in Japanese. Even though there are several beautiful actress in Indian film industry, Japanese zeroed Namitha as the most beautiful women in India. This shows the level of her craze.

With foreign following, can Namitha defeat the popularity and glamour of Sunny Leon? We have to wait for some more time to know the answer.