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Nandyal elections – Celebrities, Police Transfers, Tensions!

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Nandyal Elections is more of a prestige issue rather than normal elections. Celebrities like Balakrishna entered the zone to entertain voters while few Police officers got transferred from Nandyal. It seems that YSRC complained to the Election Commission that the ruling party TDP is using the power to capture Nandyal region. They further mentioned that the Police force is stopping the campaigning of YSRC leaders and is troubling the YSRC activists.

On this Election Commission is said to have responded positively. Few transfers were seen in Police department. Tensions were on progress on what will happen in this elections. Lot of people were doing surveys on this polling and few surveys stated YSRC as the winner while few others positioned TDP on the top. Large amounts of money is said to have got circulated in the Nandyal region and Election Commission is looking closely into this aspect. Amidst the tensions we have to see who will win the polling.