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Nara Lokesh enters Legislative council as MLC

Nara Lokesh

As all expected the prince of TDP Nara Lokesh has taken the oath as MLC today afternoon. He is now a legitimate MLC who has won under the MLA’s quota.

The TDP National secretary Lokesh has entered the real-time politics. In the MLC Council chamber, he has made his oath as MLC under the Chief Secretary Chakrapani. Immediately after taking the oath, his father in law who is an MLA of Hindupur, Balakrishna hugged him hard and congratulated him for his entry. Then with Revanth’s presence, Lokesh has entered into the Council as MLC officially. All the TDP leaders and Members presented at the event have queued up to congratulate the young MLC of the Legislative house. Lokesh will soon enter into the Assembly by becoming a minister in the upcoming cabinet expansion. He will be made as a minister for IT, Urban development like his rival KTR.

As his presence in council made many leaders happy, few MLC’s and leaders were not at all happy. CBN said that in his cabinet expansion, he is going to shuffle and remove some ministers for their poor performance.