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Narendra Modi’s amazing strategy for Kashmir

Several decades back, due to few Congress’ politicians strategy, India lost Kashmir. Even after getting independence, India and Pakistan have been fighting on this issue for almost 70 years. After long time, BJP leader Narendra Modi is taking charge on solving this aspect in a friendly manner. Speaking about this issue, Modi mentioned that Kashmir issue can be solved only through love and friendship.

It is known that Modi has good friendship with former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Politicians got changed in Pakistan and the current team is a bit new for Indian government. In this scenario, how far can the BJP government establish friendly relations with Pakistan turned to be an interesting question. If it succeeds and the Kashmir issues gets resolved in Modi’s rule, it would be really amazing. People in Kashmir can live in peace and can have a great future with good developmental activities. Lets hope that Modi achieves success in his strategic moves.