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Narendra Modi’s final touch – Removal of Caste based reservation!

Narendra Modi’s amazing strategy for Kashmir

Moves of Narendra Modi were giving sharp signals to the people of India. Right from the time he didn’t care about the demonetization struggles in the nation, till the time when he slapped non-tax payers to pay the tax on time with GST, it has been proved that Modi is set to do the unthinkable without thinking of the votes BJP will gain in the next elections. Lot of people were waiting for Narendra Modi to come to the Caste based reservation system.

Debates are on progress in social media that Caste based reservation is one of the reasons why India is still a developing nation. People were showing ISRO as example for the development if Caste based reservations gets removed. On the other hand, people who are enjoying the benefits were counter attacking. Most of the people were expecting that one day Narendra Modi will remove Caste based reservation to make India Great Again. This Prime Minister is said to have the guts to take this step. If it happens, analysts were saying that it will be the final touch from Modi and BJP may not get votes in the next election.