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Nayak’s leaked song – boon or ban?


Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja’s “Nayak” mesmerized Mega Family fans with few spell bounding songs on the audio launch function which was held few days back. Even before the audio CDs of “Nayak” appeared in the market, the film’s song “Deewana” was leaked in the internet.

The leaked video of this song is rounding in the internet creating sensation. It is known that few films in the past too faced this problem. Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Jalsa” was one among them. In fact, the leaked song of “Jalsa” raised the levels of expectations on the flick. Hence Mega Fans are feeling that this leaked song is an indication for film’s success.

Analysts are assuming that few people in the film’s crew are leaking the videos. In fact, majority of the films which encountered this problem blasted the box office. These leaked videos helped them in hitting the marquee. Hence a group of analysts are assuming that the film makers themselves are choosing this way of bringing publicity to the flick.

We don’t know the percentage of truth in their assumption but lets wish that this leakage adds more success to the flick.