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Nayeem even blackmailed me:KCR


Yesterday in the Telangana’s winter Assembly sessions, there happened a big debate on Nayeem and his case. Both TRS Party and Congress Party have countered each other in this rude Gangster’s case.

Congress leaders alleged that it took 2 years for this TRS Government to catch that Maoist turned Gangster Nayeem for their police. They also alleged that Nayeem has threatened Congress Party leaders. In a strong reply to those comments, CM KCR has shot back with his mark answers. He claimed that he has done all the extortion activities in Congress government’s ruling. He even questioned the Congress stating that whether the government was sleeping when Nayeem was threatening everyone.

After answering the Congress Party, KCR has revealed shocking thing in the Assembly. He said that when the former Maoist Sambasivudu joined TRS, Nayeem has killed him. When KCR has warned Nayeem at Sambasivudu’s funeral, Nayeem even blackmailed KCR that he won’t let KCR cross the Bhuvanagiri region. Another leader Etela Rajender revealed that Nayeem threatened him during Congress’s ruling for an issue and Congress has failed to provide security for TRS leaders. KCR has asked Congress to stop criticizing.