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New proposal in India – Plastic currency notes


After demonetization, India is set to develop more rapidly as the black money in the country is evaporating day by day. Binami act which is set to show its power in the first quarter of 2017, is under observation. “What is the next plan from Modi?” turned to be the point. Changing of currency from paper based to plastic is said to be the next step.

Discussions are on progress in the parliament on this aspect and the RBI proposed this method to further reduce the fake notes circulation in the nation. It seems that the plastic notes are tough to make and the fake ones can be easily caught. In the past Congress government planned to change 100 Crores of currency to plastic and make a test run in 5 cities in India.

Congress government was not able to do that and after 2014 elections the government got changed and as Modi’s government is looking super strong, we can expect them to implement it perfectly.