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New secret revealed on nano chips inside Rs.2000 notes aspect


There has been a debate in the social media on whether the 2000 rupee notes have nano chips inside them or not. RBI officials trashed it saying rumors but an official of RBI revealed few interesting aspects to the media on this topic. Speaking on the new 500 and 2000 rupee notes, this official stated that initially they planned to use nano chips inside these notes.

The news which came on to the media that the new notes will have nano chips and the government can trace the black money if saved in lumps even in underground locations, is said to be initially true and is planned by RBI. Due to the increasing costs of embedding a chip inside the notes and the replacement of existing scanners to a new ones which can identify these chips turned to be a tough task for RBI.

Hence, they were said to have decided to go for a chipless system. As per the latest buzz, 2000 rupee notes if taken color xerox, looks almost similar to the new notes. Even though it is a bit costly, RBI should have gone for the chip embedded system.