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New twist: Brahmins supporting Mohan Babu

Manchu Vishnu, Hansika Motawani starrer film “Denikaina Ready” gathered huge round of applause from spectators belonging to all age groups. This happiness didn’t last for long and Brahmins all over the world started firing on Manchu family saying that few scenes in the flick insulted them.

Initially, this war between “Denikaina Ready” team and Manchu family was assumed to be quite weak but after few days it emerged like a Tsunami. Brahmins all over Hyderabad started attacking Manchu family from all the corners. They even stopped the show in few places. NRI Brahmins too supported this act and hence it turned out to be worldwide conflict.

Now Brahmins in few places are supporting Mohan Babu saying that this yesteryear hero was a religious man. They are requesting other Brahmins to stop the agitation. This new angle in this war is expected to turn the ongoing movement. We have to wait for some more time to know whether Brahmins will stop this agitation or not.