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Nikhil opens up about his marriage

Young demanding hero is now the latest talk of the industry while it comes to the existing Bachelors batch in Tollywood. This hero finally opened his tight-shut lips on his .

On the part of the ongoing promotions of his today’s release Keshava, Nikhil has given chilled answers to all the questions. While inquired about his marriage, he just smiled and tried to avoid the question. When the anchor insisted on answering the question by asking him if he likes love marriage or arranged marriage, Nikhil answered with maturity. He said that his mother is asking him about his interest in marriage and he too is developing a special liking for marriage. This young and eligible bachelor stated that he wanted to do a love cum arranged marriage so all have to wait a couple of years more.

His movie Keshava has released worldwide and bagged positive talk all round the released regions. Directed by Sudheer Varma, this movie is produced by Abhishek Nama.