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Nikhil’s sensational comments on Trump

Young bankable hero Nikhil is quite active on his Twitter. He often responds to National and International issues and shares his feelings. One of his recent tweets is going viral in all possible reasons.

It is a known thing that the two mighty countries USA and North Korea are ready to fight with each other. Another day, the North Korean Dictator cum ruler Kim Jong has threatened the U.S that it would wage a nuclear war. Trump has hit back immediately via Twitter by declaring that the entire U.S military is loaded with nuclear weapons. Nikhil who got disturbed by Trump’s tweet has condemned Trump indirectly. He feels that social networks which have wide reach are not a place to discuss international problems. He sarcastically opined that he never knew people like Trump uses Twitter to wage a nuclear war.

His followers are lauding Nikhil for being aware of ongoing international issues. But some haters and over enthusiastic netizens are slamming Nikhil to rather concentrate on National and regional problems first.