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No problem for TDP for 2019 – No demonetization effect

Political analysis is now considered to be the top hobby for youngsters in India. People generally left the analysis way long back and hence how politicians were getting money and how they were spending it was not exposed much to the people. But now, youngsters were showing deep interest on this aspect and TDP’s way of money management is now the hot topic in the market. Not just national wide students, International students were doing research on the way TDP is managing things in elections.

As per the analysis reports of these youngsters, TDP gets majority of the funding from NRIs. As it is coming from foreign bank transfers, there is no income tax problem involved and the money is completely clean. “Why NRIs were encouraging TDP?” turned to be an interesting topic. “What is the benefit for NRIs to invest in TDP?” is another question. As per the analysts, there won’t be any effect on TDP for 2019 elections for the demonetization. Interestingly, this is not the case with other parties.