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North Korea’s nuclear test creating earthquakes in China!


North Korea threatens to attack US bases in Guam

North Korea is not letting a single stone unturned. Right from demanding its Army to prepare more Nuclear warheads, till asking its soldiers to eat whatever crop they like to, to remain fit and healthy, North Korea is looking aggressive. This country, even though had a tough situation convincing its people to support the government, is preparing for a war with USA. Most of the North Korean soldiers are said to be serving the nation just with the fear for its dictator.

In this scenario, North Korea is depending more on its weaponry and Nuclear warheads. Recently, they tested Nuclear bombs in the border of North Korea and China. It seems that this test resulted in an earthquake in the China side of the border. The earthquake intensity was shown to be almost 6.3 in magnitude. USA is observing all the moves of North Korea and is preparing for the battle. On the other hand, the allies of USA too were ready with their military.