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NRI arrested on fraud student visa case


An NRI in USA was arrested for created fraud on the aspect of student visas. It seems that around 37 fake student visas were prepared by Tejesh Kodali and further introduced them as IT consultants to the companies in USA. On this Police officials from USA caught Tejesh who accepted that he did it for money. It seems that a firm in India offered him commission on each fake visa and hence he went ahead to do the crime. Tejesh Kodali was running an IT company in Middlesex County and is working as a manager too in the same firm.

On the other hand, another two NRIs Nandu and Dhruv got arrested for showing wrong statements to security and exchange. They were taken into custody and were being investigated. If found guilty, they will be sentenced 20 years of imprisonment. Trump’s presidential rule is set to tighten this sort of fraud cases in USA in near future.