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NRI couple leaving 100 Crores property and taking Sanyasam!

‘Sanyasam’ is a word which reflects the highest level of spirituality in India. People who are interested to know their existence and who are done with all the luxuries in the life, go ahead with ‘Sanyasam’. But in the current scenario, people prefer to lead a happy life with family and properties. Interestingly, a Jain couple from London, who were into business decided to leave their child and 100 Crores property and go ahead with ‘Sanyasam’.

35 years Sumith and 34 years Anamika got married 4 years back and they have a child. Sumith has been into business in London and Anamika was working for a Mining firm in an Engineering position. They have a property of almost 100 Crores and the couple have decided to leave everything to know their existence. Their family members accepted their decision and the couple will be taking ‘Sanyasam’ under a Jain guru in Surat in the next few days.