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NRIs voluntary program for IRMA victims

NRIs were showing their good hearts in USA by helping the IRMA victims. Lot of temples in the Atlanta region and the nearby regions of Florida were open for the victims to have some shelter. Food and other facilities were being offered to the people. Around 1000 victims were said to have got accommodation and support from the NRIs in that region. Using social networking and the contacts, people were supporting the victims.

NRI organizations in Florida region came forward to give their helping hand and even the Indian Consulate in that region helped the NRIs to get the information of the victims. Four temples opened their doors for the victims to stay for the meantime. The loss due to IRMA is unimaginable and everyone is helping one another in this tough phase. Soon after IRMA, Florida is expected to get another blow from JOSE, which is expected to hit the coast soon.