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Nude Star changed her style this time

Nude Star Poonam Pandey appears on the top of the news for sizzling in semi-nude costumes and poses. Whenever there is an occasion, she comes forward to entertain audience. She stated that she will pose nude if India wins World Cup. Even though she didn’t stand on her word, she made the audience in the entire world wake up with her statement.

But now Poonam Pandey is changing her style of attracting audience attention. Recently, she did spine shivering stunt on the eve of Doom’s Day. On 21-12-2012, this beauty went on a Helicopter on to the sea and performed spectacular stunt. Sources revealed that the organizers of this stunt invested lots of money for this show.

Looks like Poonam Pandey is going to kill the audience with her attire and stunts in her upcoming debut venture “Nisha”. Whatever may be the issue, Poonam Pandey gathered huge set of fan following with these bold attempts. Poonam Pandey is giving tough competition to Sunny Leone who too entered Bollywood recently.