Telugu Politics

Opposition irks house,frustrated KCR orders suspension


Yesterday the Telangana Assembly Winter session has started off with anticipated hot comments, protests, fights and shocking suspensions.

Even before the starting of these sessions, the CM KCR has indirectly warned the opposition leaders about the suspension. Now it seems he has lived to his words as he has reportedly suspended many MLA’s from Congress Party and Telugu Desam Party.

The Opposition parties of the house have strongly demanded a debate regarding the jumped MLA’s to TRS from T-Congress and T-TDP. As the speaker Madhusudhana Chary has denied the demand of Oppositions, the Legislators of those parties dug into the Speaker’s well and stopped the house proceedings.

The CM KCR who has lost his cool by the proceedings of the house has ordered the Legislative Affairs Minister T Harish Rao to move the motion of suspension of protesting MLA’s. Immediately Harish Rao has ordered the marshals to take them out of the house.

Shocked by the intense step taken by KCR, the furious MLA’s have raised slogans against TRS Government and KCR and protested outside the house. T-TDP Floor leader Revanth Reddy and some congress leaders like Jeevan Reddy, Geetha Reddy, D.K Aruna, Bhatti Vikramarka are the few among the suspended MLA’s. KCR has truly shown his dictatorship powers once again to have the control over the house.