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Paritala marriage – ‘Yes’ to TRS, ‘No’ to TDP!


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Paritala Sriram’s marriage turned to be a highlight in political circles. This young leader who created sensation recently with few political statements, turned to be the highlight in social media. His marriage is the center of focus for all the political parties in Anantapur region. Interestingly, TRS leader, Telengana CM, KCR, attended the marriage as a guest while TDP leader from Telengana, Revanth Reddy was not seen anywhere.

As per the information from the insiders, Paritala Sunitha purposefully didn’t invite Revanth Reddy for the marriage. More information is yet to hit the media. It is a fact that Paritala Family has been attached to TDP from the past few decades and the appearance of the rival to TDP in Telengana, KCR, without any traces of Revanth Reddy, turned to be the highlight for this marriage. The arena is all set for Paritala Sriram to enter the zone as politician from TDP.