Telugu Politics

Pawan interested in implementing CBN’s strategy


Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is concentrating on politics along with his movies. He has been discussing the party’s structure with the core level activists of his party.

After planning to have some party songs by taking the ideology of late NTR Sr, now he is eyeing on the TDP National Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s success formula. It should be an acceptable fact that CBN despite his success and failures, he has proved to be one of the few best leaders and administrators in India. His party framing, cadre, committees are examples of his successful party management.

Now Pawan Kalyan is keen to follow the same strategy. Even though the age old formula of forming the cadres in the district, Mandal and booth levels, it is proved to be a successful skeleton for any party. Pawan is keen to form such cadres in every level with leaders who has local strength and grip. Already these works have started in East and West Godavari Districts. In the ending days of January, he is said to be concentrating in the districts which come under the capital region for a strong hold over Amaravati. All these factors will come into crucial help at the time of elections.