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Pawan Kalyan to run a private government?

Special Focus: Pawan Kalyan’s Daham

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now stated to be one of the best employers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Insiders were saying that he has around 4600 people working for Jana Sena. “Is he paying them for the work?” is another interesting question. People were saying that Jana Sena was hiring for analysts positions and the party might be paying for the candidates. If this is the case, Jana Sena may have enough people to run a private government.

“Will Jana Sena run out of money before the elections?” turned to be the question. Generally, political parties spend money during the elections times to get the votes but Jana Sena is spending money to identify the problems and understand the people’s opinions. We have to see if this strategy works better than buying the voters. In fact, this is a genuine way, a political party should work. Lets wait for the results.