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Pawan Kalyan using PRP experience on Jana Sena

Pawan Kalyan’s fantastic strategy – Clean sweep possible!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan, is now an experienced person. Compared to other parties’ politicians, Pawan Kalyan can be considered experienced as he faced a bitter defeat in the form of PRP in 2009 elections. The best example for the statement of “Pawan is learning from the mistake”, is his way of approach for Jana Sena. PRP gave lot of promises to the people but they were not much into problem solving.

Jana Sena, is not giving much promises but is addressing and solving the problems. If people have to believe Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan has to show it to the public by solving few issues. Only then, people will believe Jana Sena. This is what Pawan Kalyan is doing and in fact he knows the strategy perfectly as he mentioned in the recent interview that if PRP was not there in his career, it would have been an easy path for Jana Sena as people would atleast believe his words. As PRP is there in his past, he now has to strive hard to make people believe his intention. Whatever, Pawan Kalyan is using PRP experience to build the root of Jana Sena.