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Pawan Kalyan’s dig on BJP for Rohith Vemula suicide issue


The founder cum president of sensational Janasena Party Pawan Kalyan has continued his questioning. After his first topic of Cow Slaughtering, he has now expressed his views on Rohith Vemula suicide case.

This angry young politician who declared earlier that he would question even his alliance parties like BJP and TDP has proved his words. He slammed the center BJP government for the way it handled the suicide of Rohith Vemula. He said that Rohit has hated BJP just like tons of others do in general but some big leaders of BJP have taken it on a personal level. According to Pawan, this normal opinion and hatred don’t give license to anyone to harass him.He declared that the protest of Rohith was within the boundaries of democracy and any leader of any party has no rights to attack him.

Pawan then referred the BJP as ‘Saffronisation’ in a politically satirical way. He questioned BJP that if Rohit has had said something against BJP with his university rival groups, the Centre should have seen that as a part of students debate or ideological disagreement which is very common among many student groups. He claimed that the center has taken him so personally for unknown reasons. All he meant was the center’s indirect attack on him through suspension and alienation has made him end his life.

Kalyan insisted that despite the action, the government should have dealt with him through counseling in a humane approach to saving a life of an intelligent student with philosophical nature. He then ridiculed the BJP by saying that all the opposition parties were trying to gain political advantage with his suicide, BJP was busy trying to prove that Rohit was not a Dalit.

This actor turned politician finally questioned all the parties by asking them the way to prevent such young lives from committing suicides out of despair, disappointment and resentment in the future. It is quite evident that Pawan has been talking a lot after a lot of study and observation. He might be the only person who is questioning with constructive analysis.