Telugu Politics

Pawan Kalyan’s fantastic strategy – Clean sweep possible!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is known to do things on the spot. If he gets emotional, he organizes a meeting and will express his opinion on the spot with his fans. We saw this sort of behavior during the bifurcation time. Looks like, Pawan Kalyan has another shade of ‘think before you step’. “Jana Sena” is currently busy gathering its major work force. It seems that most of the youngsters are joining the party as analysts and volunteers. This set includes unlimited capacity and everyone are being welcomed.

There is a dialogue in a Tollywood film which Brahmanandam says, “Prapancham lo Prathi Vedava Pawan Kalyan Fan e”. This is to say the craze of Power Star and everyone in the youngsters naming themselves as Pawan Kalyan’s fan. This is how Power Star became No.1 in Tollywood and even a small trailer with Pawan Kalyan walking across the road in “Atharintiki Daredhi” fetched huge round of applause from the audience.

Same plan is being implemented where everyone is being taken into “Jana Sena” and what ever Pawan Kalyan does, may become sensation. Clean sweep can be possible at some point in the coming years, if executed properly and if TDP or YSRC continues ignoring Pawan Kalyan.