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Pawan Kalyan’s sensational comments on demonetization


After being calm for many days, the Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has lashed comments on center on its poor implementation of PM Modi’s demonetization of notes.

Pawan Kalyan took his twitter to share his views on the currency ban. He has blasted center in his own way. Even in his Anantapur Speech, he didn’t speak about this effect but even after 12 days the situation is still worse, he went frustrated and tweeted his opinion. Janasena Chief stated that the present situation is the proof that the center hasn’t done any exercise on the demonetization before implementing it. He also questioned the center on implementing this rule without proper estimation of available currency in the nation. Pawan Kalyan went further and dared to ask the center to release the detailed report on available new currency to the citizens of India.

He then appealed the center to take necessary steps to stop the deaths of people in rural areas due to lack of legal currency. He also urged the center to help the senior citizens who are spending restless time in the queues in many places in the country. PK finally asked and demanded the government to see the problems in rural areas and unaccounted trade market in urban areas to decrease their losses due to the demonetization effect in the nation.

This is the first time that Janasena Chief has spoken anything about the currency ban by PM Modi. Fans are happy to see their idol addressing their problems to center. Thus PK proved his statement of ‘I’m here to question everything’, which is the main slogan of Janasena Party.