Telugu Politics

Pawan once again raised North-South issue


Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has indirectly warned the center. Let us check what point made him restless.

The BJP led center had granted the legal status for Special Package which they have announced in last year September. All thought that Pawan will surely say something about this as he still demands Special Category Status. But he reminded calm these days as he got other reason to fire at center. Yesterday, the agriculture minister of BJP has announced loan waivers to Uttar Pradesh state. So Pawan took his Twitter to ask the center about not granting the loan waiver to Telugu states despite most number deaths. Pawan stated that the two Telugu states have more suicides of farmers than other states. Chief Ministers and MP’s have been requesting to have funds to waive loans of farmers but the center has kept calm.

To add more fuel to the flame, Pawan asked the necessity of granting the loan to U.P leaving A.P and Telangana suffer. This angry young leader once again reminded not to show divisive politics as they can disturb National Integrity.