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Pawan reacts on twitter yet again

pawan-kalyanPowerstar Pawan Kalyan is using his social media account twitter to voice against political parties who does nothing benificial. Just yesterday he reacted on centre’s decision about playing National Anthem in theaters and Rohit Vemula’s suicide.

Today he waged a war against Bharatiya Janatha Party on backing out of special category to Andhra Pradesh. “BJP went back on their manifesto promise of “special category status to AP”. After a decade of humiliation and insult, ‘Andhras’ were thrown out, without capital and with a huge revenue deficit. The promised ‘special category status’ became special package. And the special package is nothing but an eye wash. In that BJP’s special package, there is nothing special except the word special,” he tweeted.

He went to say “Andhras will never forget the loss of 400-plus young lives lost in Jai Andhra agitation. We swear on the lives of 400 students who were shot dead in Jai Andhra movement. We are not going to let BJP go unanswered for going back on what was promised. JAI HIND,”.