Telugu Politics

Pawan’s constructive questioning to BJP through tweets


After canceling his Uttarandhra open public meet of Janasena due to many reasons, he has expressed his opinions and questions on his Twitter via tweets on Thursday.

He said that he and his party ‘Janasena’ has supported the BJP-TDP alliance in both the Telugu States and also in some parts of Karnataka would like to communicate with the ruling BJP Party. However, he has come up with top 5 issues to discuss with BJP. They are Cow Slaughter, Rohith Vemula Suicide, Demonetization, Patriotism and AP Special Category Status. However, he hinted that he will keep on questioning more on these listed and non-listed issues through Twitter.

Soon, he has tweeted on the famous Cow Slaughter issue which has shaken more parts of India and raised hatred between two religions. The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan opined that the BJP has actually sparked some religious and communal issues. He suggested that the BJP core leaders should ban other leaders in BJP who are using animal leather shoes and belts. He then pointed out at Goa BJP rulers asking why don’t they ban beef in that state as they have the power to ban. Pawan intellectually asked each and every BJP leader should adopt a cow to preserve rather than disturbing National Integrity.

These simple tweets are now raising many eyebrows of critics who called Pawan as a seasonal politician. We can see how constructive the questions are in his tweets. There are more to come in the future.