Telugu Politics

Pawan’s vote – Jana Sena vs Film career?

While the main parties in Andhra Pradesh, TDP and YSRC started their invasion for the 2019 elections, Jana Sena was seen nowhere in the arena. Power Star Pawan Kalyan is working on his upcoming film releases and news reports mentions that hiring is happening for the Jana Sena’s youth leaders. People have already started discussing on the elections and they were thinking mostly on TDP vs YSRC and as Jana Sena was not into the latest elections, no one is talking about it.

In this scenario, “Will Jana Sena make it big during the 2019 elections?” turned to be an interesting topic. “Or will it get tied up with either BJP or TDP just like the one in the last elections?” is another interesting question. For now, even though Pawan Kalyan is maintaining friendly terms with the top parties, there is a talk in the media that Jana Sena wants to move ahead alone rather than joining hands with other parties. Pawan Kalyan is targeting Rayalaseema region and we have to see if he starts a movement in that region just before elections to gain grip in that zone.