Telugu Politics

Peeking into Modi-CBN’s relationship


There is an interesting topic that is doing rounds among all the enthusiastic political analysts of present politics in the state which is quite fascinating.

It is all about PM Narendra Modi and A.P CM Chandrababu Naidu’s relationship. Analysts are trying to form an equation between these two. If we observe carefully, Both Modi and CBN have decided to work together prior to the 2014’ general elections. With enormous support in AP and in other parts of the country, BJP has gained power in the country as well as the alliance of BJP-TDP has won in AP State. Post the elections, it was evident that Modi has kept aside CBN in all the ways. He even supported CBN’s rival KCR is sometimes in the recent past. Because Modi wants to strengthen BJP over TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

As the issues are going further, Modi again came to know the capacity of such experienced versatile tech expert CBN. he even asked his cooperation in some issues like demonetization and ‘Swachh Bharat’ etc programs. On all the issues these two work together, they are achieving nice results. At the same time, both are trying hard to take away their names for the results. This is like a tug of war and at the same time, it is much needed to work as a team. Experts opine that if these two work together, for sure nation will see fruitful results.