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People’s star’s advice to Chiru in talks

R.Narayana Murthy is considered as one among the very few heroes who dedicate their careers to good Cinema. Such humble hero’s comments on numero uno star Chiranjeevi has become the new sensation in the industry.

The people star who graced the Tera Venuka Dasari book release function has given an energetic speech. While concluding his speech, his remarks on Chiru has awakened all the invites in the function. Narayana Murthy said that there are many memorable flicks in the careers of NTR and ANR. He questioned Chiru if he has one memorable flick in his 150 films career. This daring and dashing hero, however, pacified Chiru by declaring that the latter felt that void and now he is doing Sye Raa to make it a sensation in his career. Known for his down to Earth nature, the megastar despite fuming fire on Narayana Murthy rather responded with his trademark smile by nodding his head. Once again, Chiru has shown a perfect example of handling situations by character and humble nature. Even though Narayana Murthy’s comments raised many questions, the mega fans utter the names of Rudraveena, Apadbhandavudu, Swayamkrushi etc which are rich in content. They also claim that the flick Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari is the most memorable flick even though it was a commercial movie.

Another veteran maker Tammareddy Bharadwaj requested Chiru to take the place and responsibilities of Dasari in the Industry to which Chiru replied positively. Chiranjeevi without any doubt is the best and worthy replacement for Dasari for Tollywood.


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