Telugu Politics

Pirates proving the weakness of Indian Government

Piracy is one of the most toughest things to handle in the current scenario. Previously, Pirates used to release the films silently and audience used to watch it silently. But now, things got changed and the pirates started announcing it openly in the social media that they will be releasing the print at certain time on certain date. In spite of the warnings, Indian Government hackers were not able to track them efficiently.

People were saying that this incident proves the weakness of Indian Government. There has been a debate in the media that most of the Indian Government positions will be sold for some certain money. When this sort of staffing happens, we can expect the system to be pretty weak. Piracy is proving this aspect and we have to see if Indian Government wakes up and hires the right persons now. Staffing is the main entry point and a weak and corrupted staffing system may destroy the nation.