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PK- Bunny fans war is still On

The crazy film Duvvada Jagannadham’s musical teaser was released and all are enjoying the mass Brahmin Bunny in Dhoti. With this success, there also exist the wrath of PK fans for the teaser.

After the era of  “Cheppanu Brother “, the recent birthday of Ram Charan became a stage for Mega heroes urging to stop fan wars. Right then, Bunny fans and PK fans got united. But the audio teaser of DJ stood as the perfect example of their ongoing war and the fact that the war is still on. Within 24 hours, this teaser got 12k likes which are a lot but the dislikes are crossing 11k as PK fans are hitting dislike As much as they can. This also gives us a clarity that all is not well between Pawan and Allu family. In the teaser, Bunny’s dance style looked like one of the Pawan’s trademark step. Some say that this might have irked the Pawan fans along with their already existing hatred on Bunny.

However, we should know that the director Harish Sankar is a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan. The composer DSP is a huge fan as well. Last but not the list the producer Dil Raju is waiting a lifetime to make a movie with Pawan Kalyan.