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Police targeting film celebrities

Celebrities are the centre of focus for the public. Whenever we see a film star parking his car on the road side, we feel like taking an autograph or having a good chat with the celebrity. This generally disturbs the privacy of film actors. Hence majority of the film stars use tinted windows to escape from public attention.
Now this aspect is being targeted by Traffic Police. It is well known that Supreme Court passed a rule regarding violation of black films on the car windows. Sources revealed that few film celebrities Sunil Shetty and Amisha Patel encountered difficulties from Police for using black films on the car windows. Tollywood hero Sunil too paid a fine of Rs.500 for violating this rule.
As majority of the film celebrities try to maintain privacy, they use this tinted window style. But now the rule to avoid black films on the car window turned out to be a curse for their privacy. “They are feeling sad about this issue but they are co-operating with us and are removing the black films,” says a Police official. Celebrities are the inspiration for the public and this act of celebrities is going to inspire them in a positive way.