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Positive aspects of Damarukam compared to CGR

King Nagarjuna who is known as the best businessman in Tollywood film industry is now getting ready to make his way into the hearts of film spectators with the film “Damarukam”. This film is all set to hit the screens on 24th October. In fact this film was intially planned to be released on 20th October.

Pawan Kalyan’s “Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu” is on full josh and at this instant availability of vacant theatres for “Damarukam” is quite tough for distributors. Sources from Annapurna Studios stated that Nagarjuna finalized 20th October for the film release keeping few business strategies in mind. Nagarjuna recently questioned media saying, “How come distributors agree for the release date of ‘Damarukam’ if they feel that ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ won’t give them enough space regarding vacant film theatres?” This shows Nagarjuna’s confidence on “Damarukam”.

He feels that “Damarukam” will cross CGR once it gets released. Situation in Telengana in the present scenario is supporting “Damarukam” than CGR. Moreover, Nagarjuna impressed T-audience with Telengana back drop flick “Rajanna”. Censor talk is adding more to Nagarjuna’s “Damarukam”.

Considering all these issues, we can say that this upcoming venture may take an edge over CGR in Telengana region. Most interesting doubt for analysts is, “Did Nagarjuna pointed the date 20th October predicting this scenario?” Only Nag knows the answer.